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Sustaining my messy approach to browsing

My messy browsing habits may yet become sustainable!

Mozilla wiki on multiple processes

I'm a messy guy.

I know exactly where any one of several hundred index cards, articles and scraps of equipment are at any given point. And like any self respecting geek, my electronic life is in all ways a reflection of my real world self.

Which implies that my browser profile is a mess too.

Now, you're thinking "Ha, he's got a million and one bookmarks just like me". And you're right, but that's not what I'm talking about.

At this moment, I have one hundred and seventy two tabs open. This places me firmly into the category of people who: (A) can tell you that fasterfox, swiftfox, and so forth are placebo, (B) Firefox's memory handling is considerably better than the lay press makes it out to be (image decoding aside), (C) single threaded event oriented cooperative threading does not scale in the presence of mutually indifferent parties, let alone hostile parties.

Hearing about Google Chrome's approach was a breathe of fresh air, to see that some the OS/VM/Runtime-like nature of a modern browser was finally being recognized. Yes, I'm an odd use-case, but I can assure you that handling these issues at the architectural level going to address a multitude of seemingly impossible to pin down behaviors that users have been complaining about for years.

Seeing the Mozilla team taking the approach into consideration is a huge step towards solving the underlying problem, regardless of whether they actually end up using this particular approach. The important thing is that it's being considered as an architectural issue, and not just something to be blamed on the websites themselves.


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