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Minting is Rare

Or, "How to resolve revocation with an immutable capability-secure world."

A path is stored not by minting a new reference to the target (a hardlink), but rather by storing the path itself (a symlink). Each segment of a path represents a node that serves as a proxy for the rest of the path (onion routing).

Now, where does this leave me if I want permissions to be baked into a capability, and generally immutable?

On the one hand, I can now manage mutability in a sane way in the UI layer, because now the size of local neighborhood is under the control of node. This is bit of a return to the heavier weight approach to linking that I was originally considering, although it still only requires write access to one side of think, plus mint access (which could be a limited form of write in the mutable case, but it doesn't have to be).

On the other hand, immutability is really really nice. Specifically, being able to decode the permissions and determine if an operation is allowable offline is a big win, as it allows for some fairly aggressive caching even in the worst case, and in the best case may actually reduce the time-complexity through memoization.


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